2018 Green Rose Prize Announcement
NIF_ZOREF_BARRENISLAND_COVER_NBALonglisted for the National Book Award 2017

Congratulations to Carol Zoref, longlisted for the National Book Award for her debut novel, Barren Island! Order your copy today at ShopWMU.zoref-carol

Barren Island is a wonderful synthesis of character and history. From the moment Marta Eisenstein Lane begins to tell us about her remarkable family’s lives on the rank, forsaken sand bar of Barren Shoal, rendering animal carcasses into glue, the author immerses us in a world most readers would never otherwise have known existed. As squalid and hardscrabble as these lives may be, they are also suffused with strange beauty and love by Marta’s solicitude and honesty. Barren Island is big-hearted, generous, and fascinating.” —Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Tinkers

The 2017 Editor’s Choice for publication is “Let the House of Body Fall” by Sara Grossman. Congratulations!

2017 Editor's Choice Announcement

The winner of the 2017 New Issues Poetry Prize is “Each Tree Could Hold a Noose or a House” by Nina Puro. Congratulations!

2017 New Issues Poetry Prize Announcement.jpg

Our spring books are here!  


Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum by Nadine Sabra Meyer

“‘Though I am staggered, I am not undone,’ Nadine Sabra Meyer writes in her lucid, precise and well-crafted second book, a testament of moving into another stage of life. I am heartened by this heartfelt book of grief and sanctuary.”
—Edward Hirsch




A Passion According to Green-cover

A Passion According to Green by Mark Irwin
“In one of the startling and bracing poems in his new collection, Mark Irwin writes, ‘I believed that language could save us from the temporal.’ It might be said that all lyric poems derive from this heartbreaking and Quixotic longing. Yet Irwin is a writer undaunted by the lyric’s insufficiency. He makes from our confusion and bewilderment a poetry of propulsive language, imaginative depth, and a wounded moral authority that recalls the work of Milosz, Herbert, and Szymborska. In other words, Mark Irwin fashions poems that matter.” —David Wojahn


Our Lady of Not Asking Why-cover

Our Lady of Not Asking Why by Courtney Kampa
“Every page of Our Lady of Not Asking Why is lit by an electric human voice. It is a collection of voices that interrogates ideas about love and takes us deep into the complicated textures of its failures as well as the achievements of its mysterious, intimate bonds. These poems explore how we understand ourselves in proximity to our myths, vocabularies, desires, and most importantly, to one another, and each audacious act of speaking possesses ‘its own set of vowels,’ its own ‘ratifying pulse.’ Courtney Kampa knows ‘[i]t’s easy to say true things/without feeling any truth in them,’ and she possesses the lyric gifts to say what is hard and make us feel the truth of it. This is beautiful, sensual work, rich with precision and poise.” —Mary Szybist

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