erasable-wallsErasable Walls

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66 Pages | Foreword by Richard Howard
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Erasable Walls is a series of elegant personal meditations on the always evolving self. These beautifully crafted poems show a degree of mastery that’s rare in a first book. Though quiet and subtle, Larsen’s voice is also nervy and truth-telling, with considerable cumulative power.

From the Foreward to Erasable Walls:
“He leads us in rather gently. The earlier poems appear to concern, indeed to construct, what we so often call, with a grimace of wrong recognition, family values. How disingenuously the poet’s persona muses upon the responsibilities of fatherhood, of filial piety, of those initiations into man’s estate which involve certain severances, certain deliberate repudiations.”
—Richard Howard

Lance Larsen


Lance Larsen is the author of three collections of poetry:Backyard Alchemy; (2009), In All Their Animal Brilliance; andErasable Walls (1998). His poems have appeared in Paris Review,Shenandoah, Hudson Review,Kenyon Review and elsewhereIn 2007 he received the National Endowment for the Arts’ highly prestigious Literature Fellowship in Poetry. He teaches in the English Department at Brigham Young University.