her-infiniteHer, Infinite

$15.00 paper | 101 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936970-41-4
Publication Date: March 2016
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“A polyvocal, strident book of immense intelligence,Her, Infinite refuses the fatalistic disharmony between humans and nature. What issues forth in Sawnie Morris’s innovative poems is a ceremony of tantalizing music, utterly practical and feminine. Her lines achieve a splendid naturalness that vegetates her own lively freedoms. Against both psychic and industrial defilement of our mountains and rivers, lagoons and mesas, hearts and minds, these poems are sacramental such that language is alluvial and explosive, recovering us back to our spiritual significance.” —Major Jackson

“A deep-earth-grumble is never far off in Sawnie Morris’s poems, nor is the restlessness of her neighbor, the Rio Grande. Morris is a spiritual nomad unable to find even in her counterclockwise opposition to polluting corporations and the militarized government a sure hold on the ancient She honored by the title (not even if earth / be her in the round ) because the poems live off of an inner image that cannot be printed, rounded out. Morris’s soul, like Hers, is not a substance made of metaphysical cotton, but earthly, emotional, erotic. She writes with a confident clean spare elegance that is at the same time haunted and magical; it is all her own.”
—Calvin Bedient

“In Her, Infinite, lucid perception becomes enlarged experience , and a phenomenology of the sacred as female divine rewhirls the lyric in the life of creature , Nature , air , and Earth . ‘I don’t know but trust in something ancient’ Sawnie Morris tells us – an ancient presence that reverberates through an impassioned litany of elegy , incantation , hymn , humor , eros, invocation , and dream – as well as journalism ’s report . Her, Infinite is a sensual and imaginative evocation of the heroine’s journey – fierce , animate , political , delicious —— and wonderfully complex.”
— ’Annah Sobelman

“Sawnie Morris’s poetry sings in the tongues and dialects of space. The incantation, the verse, navigating the deep inward, the hard flight further. When life brings us poetry, this is what should be made of it!”
—Levi Romero

Sawnie Morris


Sawnie Morris has been the recipient of a Poetry Society of America George Bogin Memorial Award and, for her chapbook inThe Sound a Raven Makes (Tres Chicas Books, 2006), a co-winner of the New Mexico Book Award. Her writing about poetry and poets has won a Texas PEN Literary Award and has appeared inKenyon Review, Contemporary Literary Criticism, and the Boston Review. She is a co-founder of Amigos Bravos: Because Water Matters, a non-profit advocacy organization for the waters of New Mexico, and she is a frequent contributor and past Book Review & Essay Editor for Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art. Sawnie lives in northern New Mexico with her husband, the artist and environmental activist, Brian Shields. Her, Infinite was a finalist for fifteen national contests prior to selection for the New Issues Poetry Award.