poetry-in-michiganPoetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry

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ISBN: 978-1-936970-16-2
Publication Date: October 2013
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I could celebrate every single poem in here—a rare statement to make about any anthology. Leave it to the poets to find the heart of a place. This book will make you fall in love with Michigan all over again, or for the first time. —Jim Daniels

Praise for Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry:

“Wow!  It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s as beautiful as any coffee table book could be, and what’s inside is even better…artwork is note perfect. Such good, good poets. I’m glad you had this vision, and I’m even happier that New Issues understood that such a book needed to be in the world.” –Todd Fleming Davis

“Beautiful books!” –Diane Seuss

“Pretty book! Thanks for including me.” –Judith Kerman

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for sending Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry to us! It is a lovely book, and we are glad to add it to our library. The Hanka image looks great!” –Julie Burgess, Curatorial Assistant, Grand Rapids Art Museum

“Jack & Bill – and all the folks at New Issues – OMG the book is just stunning. Thank you thank you thank you.” –Joy Gaines-Friedler

“Stunned and honored to be part of such beauty…” –Angela Knauer Williams

“Hands down winner for ‘Most Beautiful Anthology’ award showed up in the mail today! Christmas in mind! Well done, and thank you to Bill and Jack and Kim, etc. What a brilliant notion to include visual artists!” –Gail Martin

“It’s gorgeous!” –Amy Newday

“The books are sumptuous! Thanks so much!!” –Elizabeth Kerlikowske

William Olsen


William Olsen is the author of five collections of poetry, includingSand Theory. He has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. He teaches at Western Michigan University and lives in Kalamazoo.

Jack Ridl


Jack Ridl’s collections are Broken Symmetry, recipient of the 2006 Society of Midland Authors Award, Losing Season, and Practicing to Walk Like a Heron. His chapbook,Against Elegies, was selected by then Poet Laureate Billy Collins for the Center for Book Arts (NYC) Award. Jack taught for 38 years and was named Michigan Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation. More than 75 of his students are now published authors. www.ridl.com

Special Thank You



This activity is supported in part by an award from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Bell’s Brewery.


Featuring poetry by: Tom Andrews, James Armstrong, Cullen Bailey Burns, Jackie Bartley, Elinor Benedict, Terry Blackhawk, Gladys Cardiff, Susanna Childress, Patricia Clark, David Cope, Jim Daniels, Mike Delp, Toi Derricotte, Chris Dombrowski, Jack Driscoll, Stuart Dybek, Nancy Eimers, Robert Fanning, Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Lisa Fishman, Linda Nemec Foster, Matthew Gavin Frank, Joy Gaines-Friedler, Dan Gerber, Linda Gregerson, Mariela Griffor, Robert Haight, francine j. harris, Jim Harrison, Bob Hicok, Conrad Hilberry, Dennis Hinrichsen, Amorak Huey, Austin Hummell, Lizzie Hutton, David L. James, D. R. James, Rhoda Janzen, Jonathan Johnson, Laura Kasischke, Josie Kearns, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Judith Kerman, L.S. Klatt, Kimberly Kolbe, David Dodd Lee, Phil Levine, M.L. Liebler, Thomas Lynch, Naomi Long Madgett, Corey Marks, Peter Markus, Dave Marlatt, Gail Martin, Kathleen McGookey, Judith Minty, Ander Monson, Julie Moulds, Amy Newday, William Olsen, Anne-Marie Oomen, Miriam Pederson, Susan Blackwell Ramsey,
Greg Rappleye, Josh Rathkamp, Christine Rhein, Jack Ridl, Ron Riekki, John Rybicki,
Mary Ann Samyn, Teresa Scollon, Herb Scott, Heather Sellers, Diane Seuss, Patty Seyburn, Faith Shearin, Marc Sheehan, Don Stap, Phillip Sterling, Alison Swan, Keith Taylor, Matthew Thorburn, Russell Thorburn, Richard Tillinghast, Rodney Torreson, Robert VanderMolen, Diane Wakoski, Daneen Wardrop, Angela Williams, and John Woods

Featuring art by: Mary Brodbeck, Michelle Calkins, Jean Canavan, Nathan Caplan, Martha Ceccio, Karin Wagner Coron, Steve Coron, Lori Feldpausch, Steve Gilzow, David Grath, Ladislav Hanka, Carol Hanna, Lois Lovejoy, Stephen Magsig, Alanna Pfeffer, Katie Platte, Meridith Ridl, Erin Scott, Craig Seaver, Tom Walsh, Mary Whalen, Nancy Wolfe, and Patrick Young.

Cover: “Huron River Mist #2” by Martha Ceccio
Designer: Paul Sizer, Sizer Design + Illustration