moon-a-boxThe Moon a Box

$14.00 paper | 65 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-930974-39-5
Publication Date: Spring 2004
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A Green Rose Book

An Inland Seas Poetry Book

Includes a CD featuring Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band

“Most poets today only dream of reaching the wide popular audiences that M.L. Liebler reaches so easily with his work, which is made up of hard-hitting litanies grounded in history and folk roots. Liebler emerges as a unique and valuable force in the rebuilding of the bridge between poetry and music. Any fresh collection of his work is a real event, one to really rattle our seismographs.”
—X.J. Kennedy

“These poems by M.L. Liebler fall into righteous extremes—from prayers and meditations to diatribes and paeans, all grounded in the solid savvy of all-American working-class roots. Always accessible and ever soulful.”
—Wanda Coleman

“Liebler brings passion and intensity—and his musician’s ear—to a poetry that reflects the richness of his experience and the power of his heart-held beliefs.”
—Diane di Prima

“M.L. Liebler writes poetry straight from the heart, expressing universal themes in a beautiful American way. There is always something new in his verse.”
—Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane & Hot Tuna)

“My friend M.L. is a paragon among poets. By this I mean not only as a skilled navigator through the byways of the heart, but as a poet who encourages others poets by offering them a platform and an audience. I salute his rare gifts of enthusiasm and altruism.”
—Father Daniel Berrigan

“From the urban blight of downtown Detroit to the remnants of tectonic plate shiftings, that is, from human-made disasters to natural ones, the bet finds beauty in the workings of nature. Even when nature seems to be destructive, there is beauty. Even when one is nurtured by a decaying city, there are urges to be elsewhere, and in that elsewhere is a form of identification.”
—Gary Metras, Small Press Review, May-June 2005

“Has Liebler transcended Detroit as an idea and a theme? Yes. But he has not abandoned them or his roots.”
—Gary Metras, Review Revue, Vol 2, Issue 1, April 2005

M.L. Liebler


M. L. Liebler has read and performed his poetry around the world at the Dodge Poetry Festival, Poetry Project of St. Mark’s Church, Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival, Annual Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle, Hong Kong International Poetry Festival, Macao International Poetry Festival, London Poetry Society, University of Novosibirsk (Russia), the Substanz Slam Series in Munich, and in small villages throughout northern and western Alaska. He is the founding director of The YMCA National Writer’s Voice Project in Detroit; the International Coordinator for the YMCA of USA’s World YArts Initiative; and has taught literature, creative writing, American Studies and Labor Studies at Wayne State University since 1980. He is the recipient of the 2010 Writers for Writers Award from Poets & Writers Magazine.