time-as-distanceTime as Distance

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ISBN: 978-0-932826-21-3
Publication Date: Spring 2001
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“‘We leave old lives,’ Mark Halperin says. ‘the way I put down a glass,’ but those old lives have a way of continuing to invent our new ones – just as global weather patterns predict and shape one’s daily round. In his latest collection, Time As Distance, Halperin explores some of his and our various lives, traveling along a time-line from Yakima, Washington, and Tallinn, Pennsylvania, back to Tallinn, Estonia, deep into his own Russian-Jewish ancestry. Along that time-line he and we all live, still, always: for Halperin, time strands and estranges us; it streamlines and brings us together. These are poems that travel immense distances very quietly, without gimmicks, but with saving heart and irresistible grace.”
—Nancy Eimers

Mark Halperin


Mark Halperin currently teaches at Central Washington University and has taught in Japan, Estonia, and Russia. His poems and translations appear in Virginia Quarterly Review, Yale Review,and Seattle Review. He received the United States Award of the International Poetry Forum for his first book, Backroads (University of Pittsburgh Press). His last book of poetry, The Measure of Islands, was published by Wesleyan University Press, and followed A Place Made Fast (Copper Canyon Press). He and his wife, the painter Bobbie Halperin, live near the Yakima River, which he fishes avidly.