what-endsWhat Ends

$26.00 hardcover | 265 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-936970-22-3
Publication Date: January 2014
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AWP Award Series in the Novel

This remarkable, haunting novel tells the story of the McCloud family and their life on Eilean Fior, a very small island off the northwest coast of Scotland.  The clarity of Andrew Ladd’s prose is as deceptive as the clues to the cryptic crossword puzzles George McCloud, the family patriarch, is obsessed with solving.  The book’s true subject is time, the island not only a place but also the uncanny, enclosing moment.  In What Ends “time isn’t passing, it’s circling,” and the story of one family’s life on a Hebridean island becomes an apocalyptic vision of what it means to livein time, that “blink of stone on a giant sea.”
—Kathryn Davis, AWP Award Series judge

Andrew Ladd


Andrew Ladd is the blog editor forPloughshares, and hiswork has also appeared in Apalachee Review, CICADA, Memoir Journal, and The Rumpus, among others. He grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has since lived in Boston, Montreal, and London; currently he lives in Brooklyn, with his wife and cat.